At Mobile Dentures of Atlanta we provide top quality oral care at nursing homes, assisted living homes, and retirement communities in Atlanta, Georgia and its surrounding cities.  Our number one goal is to meet the growing demands for more convenient, affordable, and quality denture services in the comfort of your own home.

From customized complete and partial dentures to denture relines and repairs, we provide the highest quality denture services available.  We also provide dental extractions for our immediate denture patients and for those who need extractions because of a toothache.

At Mobile Dentures of Atlanta, we believe that denture care should be a private, personalized endeavor between the dentist, the patient, and a close relative or friend. We are not only a highly credentialed denture team, but we also have years of experience with elderly and disabled patients.
Our commitment is to do whatever it takes to satisfy every one of our patients.

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